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I couldn't believe the changes until I saw my pictures side by side.  Keto has changed my life.  Because of this program I can now: 

  • Run up and down NYC Subway stairs.  I can actually keep up with my 14 year old daughter and her friends.

  • Fit comfortably in my clothes. Some of my clothes are now too big!

  • Truly believe I will reach my pre-pregnancy weight.  I was beginning to believe that it wasn't possible for me to reach my pre-pregnancy weight.  Now I know it's possible! 

Have you ever struggled to get rid of unwanted pounds? Then this CHALLENGE is for YOU!

I have struggled with my weight all my life.  Being over 50 years old I was beginning to believe that I was never going to lose weight.  I was losing hope because it seemed as if everything I tried only resulted in the same thing.  Gaining all the weight back.  I knew I need something that I could incorporate into my lifestyle. I needed something that I could stick to forever and didn't leave me crazy hungry and acting like a lunatic. 


I honestly don't know how I stumbled upon the Keto program, but I did.  I decided to give it a try.  I created my own meal plans and I did it my way.  I ate good food.  The first week I lost 2 lbs.  The next week I lost 2lbs and then the week after that I lost 3lbs and the weight just kept coming off.  Then people started to notice.  But then I started to feel different.  I felt as if the brain fog was gone and I felt so clear.  I knew I had found something different and something that I could stick with for the rest of my life.

Then Thanksgiving came and went.  I normally would gain about 5lbs during Thanksgiving.  (My sweet potato pies are killer).  I baked the pies.  I even ate some pie.  But this time, I didn't gain the weight.  Realizing that Thanksgiving is just one day, I gave myself the opportunity to eat what I wanted for one day.  (Okay maybe more than one day) But once Thanksgiving weekend was over, I quickly  got right back on my new way of eating and the weight has stayed off and I started losing again.  Even in the office when everyone is eating pizza, I will take two slices and pull off the cheese, pepperoni and sausage.  I feel good because I know I am choosing myself over food.  I understand that I am worth it.  And I know that now that I am down by 20lbs my pre-pregnancy weight is in full sight.

With Keto I can finally eat real foods that satisfy me. I don't starve and I don't feel like the odd man out. I am confident that I will achieve all my fitness goals because of this program. One of my friends asked me to create this challenge based upon my results and I decided to take her up on it. I am so proud of what I have created and I know that you will enjoy it. 

This 7 Day Keto Challenge is different. Because I am also a Certified Life Coach, I have designed this in a way that help you to get results, get in touch with your emotions and triggers with food.  You are going to love it.  The Challenge is rich with content and filled with passion.  I welcome the opportunity to work with you and hope you will say YES to this Challenge.  You have nothing to lose other than the weight.  : )

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7 Day Keto Challenge is you don't have to do it alone.

Studies show that when you partner with others to achieve your health and fitness goals that you have more success. Participating in this program is great because you don't have to do it alone.  You will be a part of our Private FB Group where we will be posting what we eat, all of our great recipes and we will be supporting each other along the way.  Don't do this alone. Take the challenge so you can join our supportive community.  You won't regret that you did. 

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